6 Staves To Your Dream! Live it: 2017! Stave 1: Dream it up!

This is Number 1 of a six-part series that will show you how to live your dreams starting now and continuing through the year! All you have to do is follow the simple-fun instructions. Your success will be determined by your effort, perseverance, and choices. It’s all on you, best of luck!

Stave 1: Dream it up!

What a perfect time of the year. We can reflect on what has recently passed. We can dream up our new beginnings, our future selves. We don’t have to make any choices immediately. We’re dreaming. We’re not judging, we’re not deciding which of our dreams to pursue. We’re not making any plans. We’re dreaming, period. That’s how it starts.

Yep, that’s how it begins. The other stuff comes later. Just start to daydream big and little dreams, as many in any category you can think of. From health and fitness, wealth and legacy, personal and professional development, to leisure and travel. There are no wrong answers. You’re dreaming about your possibilities. Dream on!

Schedule a time to go to a place where you’re comfortable and will be undisturbed. Bring pen and paper. No matter your age, ask yourself:
What do I want to be, have, do, see, and experience, over the next 50 years?

Write that exactly at the top of the page in your lined notebook. Underline it. Start thinking and writing anything that pops to mind. Move quickly, don’t dwell on the answers. You’re focused on dreaming them up. Quantity gives you more choices.

Go for the highest number of dreams you can.* You’ll find how fun it is by doing it. It’s your Dream List—there are no wrong answers! You’re playing let’s pretend in a way that will change your life immediately! And make your life dramatically better by your efforts, starting right now.

This first assignment is to simply generate ideas in great quantity. That will give you an abundance to choose from. You’ve heard: You’re only as free as your options. By listing multiple options, you guarantee you’ll see farther, aim higher, and have more room to roam. Here’s your new beginning, where you create your new future, one dream at a time. Go for it!

Don’t evaluate or decide; that’s not our assignment, right now. Let’s focus our energy on providing abundant options you can choose from later. Now is the generation, the creation, not the evaluation. And not the planning-doing phase either. You’re answering what, not how, not whenWhat is all that matters, right now. Dream big, dream small, dream silly. Just dream.

So take some holiday cheer, get comfortable in your creative environment, and dream your life to be. Just dream it up and write it down. That’s all, for right now. When you have accomplished that, you’ve kick-started your happiest of new years, guaranteed!

*my biggest, 742

Next Sunday, Stave 2: Prioritize!

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