6 Staves To Your Dream! Live it: 2017! Stave 3: Make Your Plan!

This is Number 3 of a six-part series showing you how to live your dreams, starting now and continuing through the year! Simply follow the fun instructions. You’ll determine your success by your choices, your effort, and your perseverance. It’s all on you, best of luck!

Stave 3: Make Your Plan!

You’ve decided on your priorities. You want to achieve them. To get anywhere, you must follow some kind of a map. Your written plan is your roadmap—its purpose is to guide you to your destination, assist you in achieving your goals and dreams. We’re using the KISS method—Keep It Simple, Sunshine. Plans don’t have to be complicated, boring, or something to abandon.

Here’s your simple 7 step system:

  1. Pick one goal.
  2. Write 3 simple actions you’ll take to help you achieve it.
  3. Schedule those 3 things.
  4. Complete what you’ve scheduled.
  5. Evaluate your progress.
  6. Adjust your plan accordingly.
  7. Pick 3 more actions.

Think of the next 3 things you’ll do as you’re completing the first. Continue that process: Choose your goal. Think up 3 things. Schedule them. Complete them. Evaluate them. Adjust based on what you’ve learned. Pick 3 more things.

A plan can’t get much simpler than that, can it? You’ll continually get easy, early wins which will boost your self-esteem. You’ll get small, incremental wins which will help you believe you can get bigger wins. Discontinue this process only when you’ve passed your goal.

It works for this-year goals; it works for 10-year-out goals. Achieving more doesn’t have to be hard or dreary. It can be easy and pleasant. It helps to have a dream, a goal, and a plan. They’ll provide you with motivation and give you direction. Then, just take the seven steps!

Next Sunday, Stave 4: Action!

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