6 Staves To Your Dream! Live it: 2017! Stave 4: Action!

This is Number 4 of a six-part series showing you how to live your dreams, starting now and continuing through the year! Simply follow the fun instructions. You’ll determine your success by your choices, your effort, and your perseverance. It’s all on you, best of luck!

Stave 4: Action!

Did you write down your next three actions? Have you scheduled them? Action is key! We gain momentum by achieving easy, early wins. Let’s keep it going!

I’ve heard it said: A goal is a dream that has feet! And, to paraphrase the Rolling Stones: Dreams with no action cause dissatisfaction. That’s why you should keep your priorities in your face: to remind you often of what’s most important to you. Otherwise, you get distracted, off-track, and off-purpose.  We’re humans, we need constant reminders. These help to hold us accountable to what we say we want in our lives. They demand our attention, they push us to take action and make a difference.

When I set a goal and then ignore it, excusing instead of doing, I’m forced to make a decision. If I’m serious about the goal, I need to prove it by taking some action. Or, I’ll discard that goal because I’ve proven I’m not serious about it right now. It’s OK. Either way, it’s valuable information to help you determine your true priorities.

Thinking is good. Too much thinking, like any other “too” phrase means something’s out of whack. Paralysis by analysis is a real danger. Hey, you’ve done your thinking. You’ve got your plan. Now move, take action, get going. Doing one thing toward the achievement of your goal gets you over the biggest hurdle: the very beginning, the starting of any undertaking. It’s always the hardest part. If you don’t take that first step, you’ll never get there. Procrastination is the Number One killer of dreams!

Start! Just do one thing. When you start anything, you astronomically improve your odds of success!  Ask yourself over and over: What’s next? Get your answers and move. When you take action, you feel empowered. When you move, you build momentum. When you run, you get somewhere fast.

You’ve done the really hard work of getting started—you’ve taken action. Like Def Leppard sang: Action, not words! Anyone can talk a good game, few actually do what’s necessary to win. So act…and be one of the few who achieves.

Next Sunday, Staves 5 & 6:
Keep It In Your Face!

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