6 Staves To Your Dream! Live it: 2017! Stave 5: Keep It in Your Face! /1

This is Number 5 of a six-part series showing you how to live your dreams, starting now and continuing through the year! Simply follow the fun instructions. You’ll determine your success by your choices, your effort, and your perseverance. It’s all on you, best of luck!

Stave 5: Keep It in Your Face!  /1

Go get your Dream List. Grab your goal sheets. And your plan. Pat yourself on the back for what you’ve started. Pick what you’ll do next. Schedule it right now.

You’re continuing to build momentum. It’s Sir Isaac Newton’s universal law of physics: Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. You’re now in motion!

You’ve already created your Dream List and highlighted the most important ones. You’ve put them in order. You’ve made a plan. You’ve taken your first step, maybe several steps.

Guess what? You’re further along than you imagined. You’re paying attention to your results. You’re making informed changes. You’re clearly making progress.

This is how we turn dreams to reality—

We dream it up. We write it down. We believe it. We act on it. We adjust it.

It works. It works every time. If you don’t quit on your goals and you follow your process, your dreams become real, it’s just a matter of time!

Congratulations! Don’t you feel good?

Next Sunday, Stave 6:
Keep It In Your Face! /2

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