Am I Focused?

Clients want to know what I do to maintain focus and how I regain focus when I get off track. Here’s how I talk to myself to maintain and regain. I’ve found it effective: It gets my attention and tells me exactly what to do. Maybe it will work for you.

I am focused.
I stay on track.
I concentrate my energy toward my destiny.

Further, I check on my progress by asking myself:

Am I focused?
Am I on track?
Am I concentrating my energy toward my destiny?

I’ll answer out loud, with enthusiasm: I sure am and here’s how…and I give myself examples of what I’m doing (and have done). I sometimes reinforce it with a first pump to help drive my message deeper.

I’ve found it’s easy to be unfocused and harder to maintain focus. I’ve also found it’s possible to be highly focused. When I communicate effectively with myself: explaining my intentions and the results I want, talking directly and honestly to myself with no filters, saying it and hearing it simultaneously, I stay focused on my priorities—the people, values, and goals which are most important to me.

Am I focused? I sure am and here’s how…

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