Answer Your Way To Your Dreams!

How do you answer these questions?—

What is my vision of success? What do I want to achieve this year? What are my three most important goals, right now? What are my top 5 core values? These penetrating questions produce life-altering choices…when you ask better questions, you get better answers. You begin to live on purpose, on track, in focus, getting the results you set out to get, by deciding what you want and by when. The more you understand who you want to be, what you want to do, where you want to go, and the more clearly you define it, you immediately-dramatically improve the odds you’ll accomplish it.

Traveling with no destination can be fun for a time, but eventually it becomes unsatisfying because you realize it’s merely pleasurable drifting, with no direction, no meaning, no purpose. You use up precious chunks of a quantifiably short life with no sense of accomplishment, something we’ll all regret when our life is running down. Many of us are unsure how to get on track—or back on track—but it’s simple and surprisingly easy: create your Dream List.

Here’s how: Write this question at the top of your page—What do I want to be, have, do, see, and experience over the next 50 years? (I’m sixty-eight plus and I still use 50 years. Who knows? I just might live that long and I never want to run out of things to accomplish, to experience, to learn.) Write down as many answers as you can. Make no immediate judgements; it’s impossible to give a wrong answer, you’re dreaming! You’re not deciding and you’re not doing, you’re playing let’s pretend, like when you were a kid.

Once you complete your Dream List (go for quantity!), prioritize your list. Grab a yellow marker to highlight the most compelling dreams, then choose completion dates for them. (A goal is a dream with a deadline.) Now, decide when you’ll start.

Here’s your result: You now have a set of goals based on your dreams, and you know when you want to start. Go thou and pursue! You’ve answered your way to your dreams!

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