Anything, Not Everything!

When I was much younger I thought: If anyone can do it all, it’s gonna be me. I was wrong and not just that I couldn’t do everything, I learned that nobody can. Until I grasped this universal law, I scattered my focus and dissipated my energy. I accomplished much less than I should have. But I learned. Oh, yes, I learned.

One thing learned: if everything’s important, then nothing is. Much that I accomplished was insignificant, unimportant, but not wasted only because I was learning deep and lasting lessons. An invaluable lesson I continue to learn is the power of prioritizing. I have a better understanding how to work on the most important things, most of the time. I now feel I’m living a life of true accomplishment.

You can do anythingjust not everything. It’s simple, but not so easy. Make a list of what you want to do. Prioritize your list. Keep those priorities in your face. Start working on them now. Remind yourself: I can do anything, just not everything; these are my priorities! Now, your job is to see how easy you can make it!

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