Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Testing!

Anything worth doing long-term is worth testing short-term. Whether an idea, a project, or a partnership, try it out, see if it fits—with your vision, your goals, your ideals. The feedback you get will make it easy to decide—for you, your team, your business. And don’t believe it when someone tells you: “That’s impossible!” You can test just about anything.

Anything worth doing long-term is worth testing short-term. It’s the principle we use to qualify our accounts as long-term clientele. We start with a 4 to 6 month trial. Either side can fire the other at any time. We work together and decide how it’s going. If it’s going well for all parties, “Hey, let’s keep doing this!” If not going well, “Hey, let’s part friends!”

Think about it. If it doesn’t work early—the honeymoon—do you really believe it’s all gonna work in the future? I’m not talking about the minor glitches and screw-ups that always seem to occur. I’m talking about inconsistencies with your vision, your goals, and your ideals. Life is short. Do what you love with the people you choose. Remember: Anything worth doing long-term is worth testing short-term.

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