Attitude and Activities

My client asked: How do I measure a new salesperson’s performance before she has enough time to start closing business? My response: Attitude and activities.

He replied: I get how to measure activities. Calls. Appointments. That stuff. It’s attitude I find difficult to measure. Do you have any suggestions?

Of course. What denotes a good attitude to me: Showing up early and leaving late. Cooperating with fellow employees. Demonstrating a willingness, even a need, to learn. Trying to do things on their own before asking others.

These behaviors let me know where their head is. I can’t read minds, but I can observe and interpret behavior. These behaviors show appreciation for her employer, her co-workers, her job, and herself. Use these, or determine your own. Just make sure people know what you expect. Guessing confuses people. Confused people fail.

Remember, everything’s measurable. If you want to manage it, figure out how to measure it. How do you measure a new salesperson’s performance before they have time to begin closing sales? Attitude and activities work for me. See if they work for you.

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