Better Results, Less Effort!

Many business people think sales is about talking, presenting or, what I call yapping. Presenting your information is important. At the right time, the right way, for the right reason, to the right people. Therefore, the key selling skills are: asking and listening. Getting their information, then deciding what to do about it.

Is this a good prospect? Do they need what I sell? Are they motivated to do something? Who else is involved? Will they pull the trigger? How soon? When we ask, we gain knowledge. When we pay attention, we learn. With information, we can decide. Are they qualified or not? If they’re unqualified, they’ll never buy in your lifetime! If we think everyone is qualified, we make lots of unnecessary presentations and more needless proposals (and consume wasted hours) to many who don’t, can’t, or won’t buy.

Your job is not to make proposals. That’s one part of the total job. You were put on the payroll to sell your product at a fair and reasonable profit to those who will buy. Don’t ever confuse effort with results or busy-work with achievement. Make presentations to qualified buyers and your effort will be rewarded. Your results will confirm it.

Telling isn’t selling. Ask, qualify, and decide—who to present what to—and guarantee better results  with less effort. Wouldn’t that improve your life? Of course. Lets get better results with less effort!

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