Beware the Terrible Toos!

What do these sentences have in common? I ate too much. I slept too late. I worked too hard. You’re right, the word too. Anytime you see it, use it, or read it, you know that what it refers to is out of whack, it’s tooI shouted too loud. I spoke too soon. I made it too easy for her. When we use too as an adjective, we affirm something’s out of whack, off track, needs adjusted. When it’s too big, too little, too hot, too nice, it’s not right, it’s misaligned, it needs to be changed. It’s too

Pay attention to your use of the word. Pay attention when others use too about you. Are you too aggressive? Is she too critical? Do they talk too much? What are your toosToo is a red flag it’s risky to ignore. Why? Because too often, too many people have given up on us too fast, and now it’s too late! Beware the Terrible Toos!

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