C’Mon: Bet On You!

In an article about responsibility I read recently, I saw this response from a person griping about his job and his life when someone asked him why he just didn’t do something different: That’s easy for you to say about taking risks, but I’ve got rent to pay. Like risk-takers don’t have bills. It’s a pretty weak argument. We all have concerns about money, as well as concerns about our lives. That doesn’t excuse us from living—I can’t do anything about anything because I need to pay my rent. That could stop every one of us, every time. C’mon: Bet on you!

A business owner I know was worried about his new venture. It wasn’t moving quickly enough and he was second-guessing his decision. And was ready to cash in and go back to his old job, a job which he hated. He had savings in the bank and just needed to borrow from himself. Using his own money would get him over the hump. C’mon: Invest in you!

I understand fear, pain, disappointment. We all do. We understand loss, stupidity, depression. We’re human, it comes with the territory. Life can be scary…but it can magical. Life can be harsh…but it can be glorious. I won’t persecute someone for the life they’ve chosen, it’s their inalienable right. I just don’t want their “goo” all over me—excuses and complaints, instead of actions.

Let’s not waste too much life whining about how unfair life is. Yes, life can be so unfair; we’d all agree. But we’ve all made choices that have led us to where we are in our life. So, we’re better served working on solutions to our problems. A little griping may be constructive, it can even be therapeutic. But, a little whining goes a long way and we don’t need much. if you don’t make a choice, if you don’t make a move for any of those reasons we say life is unfair—that’s on you, that’s your decision, and all decisions have theirs consequences, good or bad. C’mon: Believe in you!

I gamble on me, on my willingness to act, on my motivation to change, on my courage to persevere. We’re human: if we don’t understand how, we can learn. As we do, we develop our capabilities, and, voila! we change our luck!

Seize the life you have! Make the choice! Take the risk! C’mon: Bet on you!

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