Confirm! Get Bigger Results!

One of my all-time favorite sales questions is—Did I answer your question? A simple confirming question I ask after I believe I’ve answered theirs. I don’t assume I’ve answered them. I ask. I confirm. Why? To eliminate misunderstanding; to make sure. It’s amazing how frequently we fail to do it.

Have I answered your question? If you’ve answered it, they’ll confirm you have. If you haven’t, you get to finish your answer. If you don’t confirm—assuming they’re satisfied—you’ve screwed up (Assumptions always gitcha!). If they say Yes, I thank them, and ask them another question. If they say No, I ask them what I missed. They tell me and I clarify. If they say, I’m not sure, I ask, How can I help?

Don’t assume, confirm—Have I answered your question? It makes things clear to all present. It improves communication by eliminating confusion. It guarantees effectiveness by providing clarity. It saves time and unnecessary work.

You’ve asked. You’ve listened. You’ve confirmed. No assumptions allowed! You’ll make certain you’ve answered them. And, just by asking for confirmation, you gain more trust and credibility. Plus, they’ll pay closer attention to how they answer you.

Don’t assume, confirm—Did I answer your question? It’s one of those better questions that gets you better answers and bigger results!

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