Create Your Perfect You!

Our vision of the future is blurred, indistinct. This vague and dim picture confuses our brains. The brain looks for patterns, seeks targets, and is biologically motivated to achieve. The more we clarify our vision—our perfect day, our ideal week, our grandest dream—the more our brain becomes like a heat-seeking missile, locked-on in pursuit of our clearly defined goals.

What you see, you believe. What you believe, you live up to. You paint the picture and it becomes your life. We pursue what we envision. We can design something absolutely new; we can create a vision to override the previously seen. It’s a natural capability of our human brain.

You create your vision of the future. Then, your vision creates you: who you are to be and what you will achieve. We become a self-fulfilling prophesy; we manifest what we see.

Paint it on your mind. You are the brush, you are the paint, the canvas is your life. Create your perfect you!

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