Did You Make Your Decision?

One of the smartest, most successful people I know told me the system he uses to make every decision in his life. And exactly what to do after he makes his decision. Here’s what he said: 

How I Make Decisions!

I list my options.
I prioritize best to least (based on my long- and short-term goals).
I ask questions to confirm I’m on track and to spot my errors in thinking.
I get counsel from my experts.
I think about their advice.
I adjust where appropriate.
I make a plan.
I schedule the first step.

I remember my reaction when I first encountered his system: Hell! I can do that!  When I started to do it, my life improved. My business was more profitable. I did what I really wanted to most often. When I use it, I get my best results. I’m using it every time now. Why? Because it works! Why don’t you give it a whirl?

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