Do You Want To Work With Them?

Hartman and I were discussing a prospect, and he posed the question: Do we want to work with them? They certainly were qualified. They wanted it. They needed it. They would use it. They could afford it. We were dealing with the decider. Do we want to work with them?

Just because they can buy from us, doesn’t mean we want to sell to them. The big qualifier for us is their behavior—Do they cooperate? How do they respond to calls and emails? Do they keep their word? Prospects who don’t buy right have proven to be nightmares as clients.

As a startup, you could justify it based on your need for cash to survive. As your business matures, it may no longer be worth it to make decisions merely based on cash flow. Life’s too short!

Do we want to work with them? Before you jump into it, make sure it’s good for you. It’s never win/ lose, it’s either win/ win or lose/ lose. There’s no third way. And, if you aren’t in a position to choose who you sell to, reassess your own program. You may need to make changes.

We live in America. The freedom to choose is a fundamental right. You exercise it when you answer one question: Do we want to work with them?

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