Don’t Confuse Effort with Results!

Many salespeople confuse effort with results. I don’t and I suggest you don’t. Certainly, effort counts. We need to try before we can do. Effort means you did some work; you tried. Good. Results means you accomplished something. Better.

What does this mean in sales? Your sales force should be qualifying prospects, making proposals, and getting decisions, some in your favor. It’s a natural progression using similar skills. It’s not about doing unbelievable amounts of detailed work: writing and revising proposals and thinking that’s what counts. In the final analysis, that doesn’t always get it done.

Finding qualified prospects, getting decisions, some in your favor: that’s what counts. Best. Why so important? Because, our clients depend on us to solve their problems; our company looks for us to improve their profits; our families expect us to bring home the bacon.

Salespeople are paid to make sales: to get results. In the end, it’s not about making the effort. It always comes down to results. Please, please, please, never confuse effort with results.

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