Don’t Show Me the Money!

When you’re having problems making decisions because money clouds the issue, simply take it out of the equation. For example: If you’re analyzing who your best clients are, do it based on money, then without it. If someone’s paying me lots of money, they must be a good client, right?

No, not always, and not as often as we think. When I’m analyzing my clientele, it’s easy to make a list in descending order by payments, high to low. For true analysis, I must go further, dig deeper. Who really is my best client? Why? What’s their behavior, their response, their need? Do they cooperate? Do I enjoy my time with them? Is it a hassle to get paid?

Every time I analyze where my stress comes from, I’m doing things I don’t like, with people I no longer enjoy, who show less commitment than I expect. If I analyze them only based on who pays me the most, I never get to the underlying issue of Who are my best clients?  because I can’t think past the paycheck.

Next time you analyze your clients, do it both ways. Rank order by money received. Then, look at the quality-of-life items: behavior, response, pay-on-time, likeability, their rules which make it easier or harder to work with them. This way, the money won’t skew your thinking as much, you’ll upgrade the profile of your perfect client, and you’ll guarantee a better future for you and your company.

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