Don’t Worry, They’re Not!

Why worry so much about what other’s think about you? Most often, you’re not in their thoughts. They’re thinking about themselves and the additional 50,000 thoughts they’ll have that day, just like you are. Sure, they think of you occasionally, but in their world, you play a very small part.

Just as they do in yours. They’re dealing with their lives, jobs, problems, emergencies, families, bills, schedules, working to overcome their own personal limitations, just like you. It’s all about them and their stuff, just like it is with you.

They think about you only when what you do affects them and theirs, positive or negative, just like you do about them. Our worries are not theirs, just like theirs are not ours and rarely do our worries overlap.

While all that you think about is you and what others are thinking of you; remember, all they think about is them, and what others are thinking of them. It’s what we humans do. It’s true.

You’re top-of-mind: if they’ve just fallen in love with you; you’re involved in something dear to them; they’re upset with something you’ve done or not done; you’re accidentally-or-on- purpose in the same location, face-to-face, ear-to-ear, or online.

Then, you enter their world and they enter yours, but only for a while. Don’t worry so much about what everyone thinks of you. Because, generally, they’re not.

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