Dreamer or Visionary?

Everyone starts as a dreamer. Each of us has our dreams, what we’d love to do. Many of us do nothing about most of them. They are the dreamers: they dream their dreams, procrastinate, provide reasons why they can’t, and remain unwilling to act.

A visionary starts as a dreamer and learns to see what the future holds. She takes action and makes progress to make her dreams come true. She pursues her dreams relentlessly, her vision stimulates her pursuit, she continues to gallop ahead. Her actions are focused, aimed at the target painted on her mind; her goals are visualized, quantified, and defined. She knows for sure: A goal is a dream with a deadline.

A dreamer looks like a cloud in the sky, he acts like a cloud in the sky: aimlessly drifting, pushed by the wind, prodded by forces which chase him along. A visionary looks like an arrow in flight, she acts like an arrow in flight: dead straight, true, committed. She pushes the boundaries and won’t be pushed around.

Dreamers don’t do so much: they dream; that seems to be enough for them. Visionaries march toward their vision, challenging themselves and others, validating their purpose, and leading their teams to achieve the mission.

It’s a choice. Who will you be, dreamer or visionary?

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