Dreamer or Visionary?

Everyone starts off as a dreamer. Each of us has our dreams, those things we’d love to do. Most of us do nothing about it. A visionary gets things done. He pursues his dreams. His vision stimulates his pursuit. He charges ahead.

His actions are focused, aimed at the target, seen, clarified, painted on his mind; goals outlined, quantified, and defined. He knows for sure: A goal is a dream with a deadline.

A dreamer looks like a cloud in the sky, he acts like a cloud in the sky: aimlessly drifting, pushed by the wind, prodded by forces which chase it along.

A visionary looks like an arrow in flight. She acts like an arrow in flight: dead straight, true, committed, pushing the boundaries, not being pushed around.

Dreamers don’t do so much: they dream, that’s enough for them. Visionaries stride toward their vision, in pursuit, taking action, validating their purpose.

Who will I be? Dreamer or visionary?

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