Failure, Like Success, Is A Choice

Just as there are universal laws for success, there are universal laws for failure. Those doomed to fail say: We can’t…You don’t understand…We’re different; our situation is unique…We don’t have the people…money…time...They say it repeatedly, not occasionally.

It’s always something or someone else’s fault: that person…stupid customers…this industry…the economy…the government… These are the same people who don’t keep their word, don’t return calls, and don’t respect others’ time. Hey, we can all be Negative Nelly, it’s human nature. Or, we can accept responsibility, for ourselves, and for our situation.

If you’re steeped in excuse-making, make a different choice. Try this: take responsibility, bite your tongue, pay attention, listen more, and learn; you’ll get your answer. You’ll be more satisfied, more confident, and more empowered. You’ll begin to make the changes that will make a difference, for you and for those around you.

No one likes to associate with blamers or victims or energy Vampires, unless, of course, s/he also is that way. If you find yourself excusing rather than solving, stop, and take responsibility for your actions. If you’re associating with others who do otherwise, tell them to stop. If they won’t, get away from them, because their goo will get on you!

Stop looking for it out there, stop looking for scapegoats, just look in the mirror. Remember, everything you are and have become is because of choices you’ve made. So, make better choices and take one step at a time to fulfill these new instructions. Please, start now—because failure, like success, is a choice!

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