Get Some Easy Early Wins!

Even the most successful people have crises in confidence: doubts, fears, failures. We’re human, we’re not invincible. To help build your confidence—get some easy wins at the start. If we lose often when we begin…we’re prone to give up, to think we’ve miscalculated, to think it’s impossible, to think we can’t do it.

Progress motivates us, makes us believe we can do even more, lifts our self-concept, and improves our self-esteem. Success breeds confidence. Confidence affects our attitude. Our attitude can keep us going or make us stop, help us do more or cause us to do less.

Get some easy wins when you start anything. Make sure those around you get them, too. Get small victories early and often; build the habit. When you achieve, you believe. Winning is a learned skill. Habits are developed, bad and good. Just like climbing stairs, those small steps, those tiny wins, help you get to the top. Develop the right habits, the ones that serve you best. Learn to get some easy early wins.

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