Give Discomfort A Try!

Talking to my client this week:

He: I’m just not comfortable doing that.
Me: I get it. Do it anyway. It’s the right thing. You’ll get more comfortable with it.

We desire personal growth. Professional growth. Business growth. To grow means to change. Change is uncomfortable. A major reason we avoid growth, it hurts! However, it’s true: to develop, we must leap, not step, out of our comfort zone—gulp!—no pain (comfort), no gain (development).

It’s change, it’s conflict, it’s uncomfortable. It’s unavoidable. It’s necessary! Discomfort is essential to growth. If growth is what you want, you must learn to embrace discomfort.

How can you expect to improve if you keep doing what you’ve been doing? Growth isn’t accidental, it’s intentional. It’s not by chance, it’s by change.

It’s uncomfortable and essential. So, what the hell, let’s give discomfort a try! It works!

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