Help Keep Them On Track!

In any organization, the people, those emotional moving bodies, are the most important, and the hardest part. It’s where most of us struggle. It’s where everything can get muddy because of the emotions, the history, the baggage, the distractions, the human element in action. It’s why managing these critical relationships can make us…or break us. Therefore, being a supremely effective communicator is your biggest asset, your largest competitive advantage; not your technical skills or your industry knowledge or the length of time you’ve been with the organization or your position. Not understanding this fact is the reason why most fall short who aspire to lead.

The people are the problem…and the solution. People create the problem…and people solve the problem. When you don’t concentrate on your people: their development, their effectiveness, and their needs, you lose their attention, their commitment, and their loyalty. It becomes just a job to put in the time and bring home a paycheck.

It’s easier to fire a system or a measurement or implement another tool; it’s not easy to fire a person or to have the hard conversation of what is necessary to prevent the firing or to improve job performance. When you give appropriate feedback at the right time, properly delivered, magic happens! Most people stay and accountability reigns!

Getting your team on the same page, heading in the same direction, and understanding how you all win, virtually guarantees success. You can design the best accounting system in the world but if you don’t have the right people to manage it, it don’t make no never mind, you’re scrawd! You can have the most visionary plan ever created, the best system to deliver it, but if your leadership team can’t execute, it don’t make no never mind, you’re scrawd, again!

It’s the people who execute the systems—who drive the bus, who get the results, or don’t. They help you to achieve your goals…or not! It’s implementing your process, communicating effectively, up, down, and across the organization, compassionately, and directly to your least secret ingredient, your talented people! Remember, your people run your railroad! Help keep them on track!

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