How did Ben Franklin do it?

How did Ben Franklin accomplish so much? It took him days to travel from Philadelphia, PA to Wilmington, DE; took him months to sail across the Atlantic Ocean to Great Britain. There were no planes, trains, cars; no iPads, smartphones, dishwashers. People got sick and few medicines were developed that really helped. Ben lived from 1706-1791. How did he do so much? 

He defined who he would be. He measured his progress. He taught himself what he needed to learn. He shared what he learned with others. He acknowledged his humanity. He had an attitude of gratitude. He wrote down what was important to him. He studied voraciously. He controlled his big ego. He lived a long and healthy life. He was fortunate. That’s how Ben accomplished so much. 

You’d guess we might surpass his accomplishments with our time-saving, productivity-enhancing devices; with our ability to get there faster and safer. And we do accomplish much. However, It pales by comparison with this signer of the Constitution! What he achieved seems superhuman. It wasn’t. None of the techniques listed above is unavailable to us. Most of us can do something about living longer and being more fortunate. So much of what we think makes us productive, doesn’t. 

So, how did Ben do it? He defined himself. He measured his progress. He taught himself. He shared. He acknowledged humanity. He was grateful. He wrote stuff down. He studied. He controlled his ego. He lived a long and healthy life. He was fortunate. That’s how!

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