How Do I Get More Sales?

An owner with a sales force, a sales manager with a quota, a salesperson, experienced or new, struggling or succeeding…they all ask the same question, for the same reason. How do I get more sales? They want to perform better at the difficult art of selling. Nothing happens ’til you make a sale: it’s the fuel that feeds the company engine. If you want the how-to’s of ethical persuasion—selling—and how to manage yourself to optimize your results, here’s what, who, and why we recommend:


To Sell is HumanDrive, both written by Dan Pink

Dan’s “the man” about the changes in the world that a business person, salesperson, or any person should know about. He studies our basic drives and how to harness them for peak performance. He does a magnificent job in his 6 variations of elevator stories. It will help anyone, regardless of experience, flawlessly answer the question: What do you do?

How to Become a RainMaker, written by Jeffery Fox

He uses the KISS method…Keep It Simple, Sunshine. My favorite pages are 16 and 17, containing his thoughts about pre-call planning. They helped me upgrade my personal selling system. I guarantee you’ll upgrade yours when you practice what he teaches.

InfluencePre-Suasion, both written by Dr. Robert Cialdini

Learn the major weapons of influence and how to use them to your advantage. You’ll learn the most surprising persuasive word you can imagine. Cialdini’s a professor who writes so we can understand what motivates humans to do what they do.


How to Master Your Time, Brian Tracy

If you want to live a better, fuller, more satisfying life, study this program. Your time is your life. What’s the best way to use your time to achieve anything you want? Brian Tracy answers that question. He has changed my life for the better more than anyone else I’ve ever studied!

How do I get more sales? Study these experts. Implement their teachings. Upgrade your selling system. You’ll get more sales!

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