How To Improve Earnings Immediately!

In my role as a leader coach, I attend many top-level meetings. Here’s what frustrates me and every other attendee who is serious about winning: We keep talking about what we’re going to do starting at some later date and this recurs at the majority of meetings we’ve attended. Shouldn’t we make some bold changes to improve our results?

How about this—If you’re serious about what you want and you’re willing to do something which proves it to you and to your team, have everyone show up to your next meeting with their best recommendation of how to significantly impact the one thing your business demands—improved earnings—rather than discussing the latest tool, guide, or expert you’ve discovered. Stop weed-whacking! Take on the biggest, most strategic problems in your business! You’re procrastinating!

Year-end, most owners are dissatisfied with earnings and want to improve the results in the next year. Most everyone has worked hard this year and the only people who really made out were the one’s who shouldn’t be here or those not contributing their fair share.

Okay. If you want better earnings, in your next meeting with your high-powered talent, go around the room and have them present their best idea to improve earnings. Give one minute per presentation. Take the top three ideas and discuss them briefly. Pick number one. Begin immediately to put it in action. Do as much as you can right now, then move to number 2. You get the picture.

Have your meeting. Listen to short presentations-in the meeting! Make a decision—in the meeting! Act immediately—in the meeting! Start to get the result—in the meeting! You will set the precedent, clarify the vision, and demonstrate to your leaders that you should be running the railroad! All this, and more: you are beginning the charge to improved earnings!

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