It’s Just Three Things!

How to excel at anything? For real? It takes three things. Balls, that’s two (and non-gender, thanks). And trainability makes three.

Guts. Courage. Cojones. The willingness to struggle, to fight, to carry on. To get there, to not give up, regardless of setbacks, non-negotiably. To sacrifice for the mission. That’s balls.

The ability to learn, to ask better questions, to strive to understand. Then, to change, test, and implement, learning as you go. That’s trainability.

You face the setbacks, and try again: balls. You change based on what you’ve learned: trainability.

I still love the little engine that could—”I think I can. I think I can. I know I can. I know I can.” With smile on face and smoky song above, he could and he did. The fight was all with himself. He overcame: he learned to believe. He climbed the hill.

Can we climb the hill? Do we have what it takes? I think so—It’s just three things!

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