It’s The Owner’s Job!

A business owner I know assigns a middle-manager to set the company goals. By the way, he’s not an absentee owner, he’s there every day supposedly directing the company. This leader is making a serious mistake and he doesn’t seem to understand why. He should decide what goals will be achieved by his company, not anyone else. Period.

Sure, he can listen to considered recommendations from his team. He can listen to advice from his board, and from other capable people. But he should make the final decision. He should never assign it to another. He certainly second-guesses himself—and berates his team—when the company comes up short of expectations. That’s too little, too late, too petty…sorry. 

Is it any wonder he doesn’t succeed as much as he claims he wants to. To achieve more, he must be diligent in setting his goals and he must hold himself responsible for the company’s achievements. Period.

Make sure you design your own life. Take responsibility for how it will go. Never outsource your vision of success to anyone else. No other person can do what you can, with what only you can see!

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