Just Say NO!

We’re often asked for our time. Too often, we give it immediately. Why do we do it? Maybe we want to please. Maybe it’s a bad habit. Maybe it’s guilt, fear, or embarrassment. Maybe we should try something else! Do more of what we really want to do. Don’t get roped into activities we’ll later regret agreeing to.

You have limited time, finite energy. When it’s used up, it’s gone forever! Before agreeing to something you may grow to regret, use that precious time to make an informed decision. “Let me think about it. If you still need me, call me Friday. I’ll have my decision then.” And, if they continue to press you—“If you need an answer right now, it has to be No.”

Don’t complain; don’t explain. It’s your life. They’re asking for a chunk of it. Precious time goes too quickly. It never returns, regardless of our regrets. Want more from life? Just say NO!

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