Keep Learning, or…

It doesn’t matter the age you stop learning: you’re toast, finished, kaput! Those who keep learning stay young, they stay vital and valuable, to themselves, and to their community. It’s not about age, it’s about value: what you contribute, what you are able to give, what you return to the world “that has borne and nourished you.”

What you have learned in the past is a foundation you build upon. When you stop learning, you stop building; a foundation not cared for weakens, then collapses. Those who think they know it all are stone wrong; their attitude proves they know less than they think. Feeling you have nothing to learn indicates perfectly the opposite.

Those who continue to learn have much to share, much to contribute; now, and into the future. Those who stop learning seem to want to bury themselves; they’re done, for them and for us; their value diminishes instantly. Kinda like: Keep learning…or go stand in your grave!

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