Know You Believe It!

Beliefs matter. Belief is the engine which causes us to act. Our actions reinforce those beliefs. Good ideas matter, as bad ideas matter, because of the actions they motivate, the ideas they reinforce. Cause leads to effect.

We develop our beliefs in many ways: through education, injunction, dogma; by association, experience, thought. Beliefs, however formed can be reformed. It happens by choice, with effort. Through experience, questioning, reacting, convincing, reflecting.

When I choose to believe anything: it’s my choice, not necessarily fact. I may be totally convinced, as most people are. Just because it’s my “right to choose”  or my right to believe, doesn’t make what I choose a fact. I’m merely convinced of something. If it’s my belief, it’s my opinion. Jules Lequier, philosopher, wrote: People who believe they have the truth should know they believe it, rather than believe they know it.

What my mentor believes…that’s her belief, not necessarily fact. She may be right, she may be wrong. It’s what she’s convinced of, right or wrong. We all have made bad choices, been convinced, been wrong. It doesn’t make us bad people. It just proves we’re human, prone to erroneous judgement. That’s why we question, why we pursue the answer, why we seek knowledge. So we can make informed decisions for ourselves.

Test your beliefs, all beliefs. Believe what you’re convinced of, but Know you believe it…rather than believe you know it.

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