Let’s Take In The Good!

We’re predisposed to be negative. It’s a product of our evolution; it helped protect us from harm. Our brains were constantly vigilant, anxious, and alert, to help us stay alive. What helped us then can harm us now. Our fight or flight responses often cause unnecessary, unhealthy stress which diminishes our quality of life: we dampen our joy and the joy of others.

Dr. Rick Hanson, neuroscientist and author, writes: We must learn to “take in the good.” We must let positive events become positive experiences for us. How? Soak in the good, spend time enjoying it, for 10-20-30 seconds, longer. Concentrate on it and reinforce our positive experiences intentionally, as we do with our negative automatically.

Talk about things that go right, record them, focus on them. Don’t concentrate on what went wrong and certainly don’t talk about it so much! Discuss negatives to learn from your experience, not to relive them over and over to the point of depression. When you reinforce positive experiences, when you take in the good, you improve your quality of life and the lives of those around you. Let’s take in the good! It’s the simplest way to create a positive mindset so you feel better about yourself and better about your life.

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