Manage Your Euphoria!

A while back, my son, Justin, called me euphoric about an outstanding purchase he had made. I congratulated him and shared in his excitement. We celebrated together, paid attention to what was great at that moment, and then were to get back to the work we had interrupted.

I cautioned him in parting: Don’t let the euphoria take you over. Enjoy the good haul for a little while, and periodically when you need a boost in spirit. Then, back to work, back on track, focused on what you were doing before the big news. 

Good distractions are still distractions. The bad ones are just worse. I try to keep this in mind and adjust accordingly. What are distractions? Often they’re the aftermath of exciting happenings which rips our attention from what we were doing or from what we should be doing. 

In the plus-or-minus department of time well-spent, that’s a serious, serious no-no. Enjoy yourself, then reengage your work. Keep your head-down, maintain focus, stay on-point. It’s good to celebrate a win, just don’t let euphoria take you over and distract you from your next important task at hand.

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