General Rules:
Put pen to paper.
There are no wrong answers.
We’re creating, not judging.

Step 1:
Write your challenge, problem, issue, or opportunity, in the form of a question.
Be specific as possible.

How do I increase cash flow by 20%, by next Tuesday, while keeping my clients, associates, friends, and family happy?

Step 2:
Choose a default answer, in advance: this is what you’ll write to keep you going when your brain momentarily shuts down. Your default answer helps maintain your momentum.

“Take a trip to the moon on gossamer wings.”

Step 3:
Write down at least 20 answers; not 9, not 14; 20, minimum.

Rob a bank.

Remember, there are no wrong answers. Writing 20 answers forces us to be much more creative. Your best answers are generally farther down the list. When you’re stuck, write your default answer and move on.

Step 4:
Choose at least one idea and implement it immediately! You must take immediate action. This is what makes MindStorming the best problem-solving technique; most people think creatively, then take no action.

MindStorming review:
1-Write your problem as a question (be specific).
2-Choose a default answer, in advance.
3-Write at least 20 answers.
4-Implement at least one answer immediately.

Try it, get comfortable with it, make things happen—Mindstorming will help you convert your problems into your solutions!

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