Our Happiest Dance!

To make 2017 the happiest, most fulfilling New Year, let’s forget those empty, soon-to-be-forgot resolutions. Let’s ask a question which will grab and re-grab our attention all year.

What do I want to be, do, have, see, and experience, in 2017?

All of 2017, you can review your answers, add new ones, and keep thinking about what you really, really want to do; what you know you should be doing, but don’t. Let’s stop living that same-old act, recycling not-so-useful habits, and repeating monotonous choices. With a little thinking about one question, we can upgrade ourselves, and improve our quality, our harmony, and our joy in life.

A few more questions help us dig deeper so we can create our better selves.

What are my aspirations? My top 3 goals? My priorities right now? What will I study? How will I change? Where should I improve? What exactly does this mean?

Here’s a simple mnemonic device to help remind us of our mission:

  Let’s think through our year in advance—
  in order to give us a chance—
  to make this our happiest dance!

Here’s to your most fulfilling New Year!

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