Take your Dream List and a yellow highlighter to a place you feel creative. Review your list and highlight the dreams which resonate with you. When you’ve finished, get up and walk away from it. You’ve just made significant progress. How? You’ve dreamed up things you want to do and you’ve prioritized them by choosing the ones you’re most serious about. Your brain is being re-programmed to help you live your dreams.

The next step: Transfer those yellow-highlighted dreams to another page. As you rewrite them, begin sorting them by importance. Decide when you want to accomplish them and pick dates to start. Don’t worry about getting everything right, just get it done. You’re continuing the creative process and it’s always messy. Don’t think too hard and don’t worry about how to accomplish it all. Rewrite your goals in order of importance. Put your top goals on 5×7 cards, one per card.

Keep your cards in your face. Carry them with you. Writing them by hand, keeping them in your face, thinking about them, and talking about them helps you achieve your goals faster. Every time you write, prioritize, and re-write your goals, you drive them deeper into your subconscious. Your subconscious drives your conscious behavior. You’re programming yourself for success.

You have your list of goals, prioritized. Your brain has its targets—where it must get you by when. You’ve got dreams and you’ve got goals. You’re keeping them with you and looking at them often. Congratulations! Reward yourself! You’re well on your way!

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