Relationships Are the Key to Life!

Cliches become cliches because they’re repeated over and over…and because so many of them express universal truths. Cliches like: All things must end; nothing lasts forever.  And: The only thing that doesn’t change is change. And: Relationships are the key to life!

Relationships are born, they grow, and sometimes die. Relationships change: Great friends in college, went everywhere and did everything together, best friends for life. Then we graduate. Jobs in different cities, you don’t follow soccer, our girlfriends don’t get along. Changing goals, changing locations, changing priorities. Voila! Change in relationship.

Our FoodChain—our relationships—change. We change, they change, circumstances change. Let’s pay attention. Let’s assure we’re managing our relationships properly and we’re spending the right amount of time and energy that excellence and a healthy relationship demand. FoodChain management—relationship management—requires people-attention: time, focus, energy, caring, compromise, based on changing values, experiences, and needs.

A couple other cliches: To have a good friend, you must be a good friend. And: If you tend your relationships lovingly, you’ll be tended to lovingly. Let’s pay attention to those cliches—the ones expressing universal truths, the ones that really matter, like: Relationships are the key to life!

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