Sales Resolutions or Bust!


So many sales people fall in love with their prospects.  They fantasize: I know they’re gonna buy from me!  As salespeople, we’re good at convincing ourselves, aren’t we?  We think everyone who gets excited and indicates they might buy, will buy. We’ve got to stop buying that bullshit. We’re human, we like to delude ourselves. Instead of a systematic self-delusion, set up a system to protect you from your false euphoria, a system which gets you more sales with less stress.

One critical component of our system at myFoodChain is called the Resolution List.  It’s the checklist which helps us evaluate our progress, define what has actually happened, and reduce our emotional involvement, so we can choose our next appropriate action.  It helps us guard against believing all the bullshit, and most of it’s coming from us!  The Resolution List helps us determine what’s real and what’s not, who might buy in our lifetime, and when they’ll make their decision. 

We need a way to step back, separate ourselves from our emotions, and evaluate what can or cannot happen, yes, in the real world. When we make a Resolution List, we know where all the buying decisions are. We can now rate the probability of each one’s happening.  We can pick the resolution dates, determine the next appropriate action, and keep our list in our face, which will guarantee increased sales.

This cold, unemotional snapshot will help you focus on actions which lead to decisions, and away from emotional reactions that can misdirect you from your priority.  Your job is to get decisions on your proposals. If you get enough decisions, you’ll make enough sales.  Sales is hard enough without our being self-deluded. Sales resolutions or bust! Stop buying the bullshit.

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