Shouldn’t You Ask Better?

Ask the wrong question and you’ll get the wrong answer. In fact, if you ask the wrong question, you can’t get the right answer, except by accident. For example: A business project fails, and the owner persists in asking: Who’s to blame? Wrong question. It’s not how to hang the guilty, it’s how to fix the problem, isn’t it?  

He might have asked: What happened that we didn’t expect? What could we have done to prevent it? What can we do about it now? How do we fix it? These are good questions and some of the better questions to get us our better answers. With better answers, you’re able to do a better job, sooner.

Some of us start Sunday night: What’s my list of everything I have to do this week? That’s not always the best question, is it? (I’m being polite!) Try: What are my priorities? What must get done? Where will I start? Great questions! Other great ones: What’s my number one priority? If I only get one thing accomplished, what will it be? What can I do about my number one to make immediate progress? What else?

Ask better questions and you’ll get better answers. Better answers help you change your focus, help you improve your direction, and help you achieve impressive results! Shouldn’t you ask better?

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