Stay With What Got You Here…While You Test The Latest and Greatest!

I was talking to a successful businessperson who’s competent, mature, and experienced. She needs fresh prospects for her new company. She’s trying to learn what she calls social networking to use it to prospect the new way. Cool, I said, learn how to do that. And as you learn the new way, continue to prospect the old way. You know how to do that already and you know it works.  

Do it the way you’ve done it successfully, while developing your new skills. Let your past help you transition to your future in the present. Reach out to people you’ve worked with, worked for, been around. People you’ve done business with; those who know you and like you. 

You have a common history; they’ll want to know what you’re up to. Engage them, reestablish the dialog, rekindle the relationship. Ask for their help. Don’t fall into this trap: The next thing is the best thing. Decide what you want to accomplish. Do what’s appropriate, not just what’s new.

It’s not about old-school/new-school. It’s about effectiveness. What works, what’s always worked, will still work while you test your new hypothesis. Don’t abandon that which got you where you’ve gotten while you’re testing the latest and greatest!

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