Thanks, Brian!

When I was interviewed by Jon on Hack The Entrepreneur, I referred to Brian Tracy. Jon said Brian had been a guest on the program a couple months back. We discussed how powerful Brian’s message has been for both of us, and after the show, I was reminiscing about my experiences with him. My memory led me to a Sheraton Hotel In Alexandria, Virginia, in the spring of 1995.

I attended Brian Tracy’s Success Mastery Academy, a two-day seminar. It was an intense experience for me. By end of day one, I had made some very uncomfortable observations. I was distressed, disappointed, and angry over my self-evaluation in light of what he was teaching. You’ll understand why.

I came across my original notes while looking at the handbook we’d been given to complete our exercises. There, in my handwriting (and, as I recall, shouting directly in my face!) were these vows made that day. I promised myself. And, silently, I promised Brian Tracy.

  1. Get serious; decide to do it.
  2. Get around the right people.
  3. Be positive.
  4. Do it now!

Dissatisfaction is a powerful motivator. I made serious changes in my life because of that trip to Virginia. Over two decades later, I’m reliving the experience and understanding what laid the foundation for who I would become. What happened? I had an epiphany.

I decided to get serious. I got around the right people. I developed a positive attitude. I began immediately. And I continue to pursue the path that simplifies my life and my business. It allows me to be an honorable person, living a good life, while helping others to do the same…like Mr. Tracy taught me to do in Alexandria that day. Thanks, Brian!

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