The Boogie-man shrinks, then disappears!

In times like these, times of crisis, of confusion, of fear, with many of us feeling it looks too bleak, like we couldn’t be worse off, we worry: What’s next? Many feel overwhelmed, like we’re living on the abyss, and fearing there’s nothing that can help. Remember—and be strengthened by—It’s happening to all of us. ALL OF US! Here’s what to do first. Take a deep breath. And another. Repeat often.This helps calm your fear. It reduces your stress. Well done! You’re ready for the next step.

Change your thinking about our common dilemma. Reframe it to a challenge that you will accept (you don’t have much choice but to accept your fate, do you?). Begin to take solace that we’re all in this together. ALL. OF. US. ARE. ALL. IN. That’s very good news! Not only does misery love company, our shared misery forces us to battle our one common enemy. We no longer waste our lately-much-more-precious life on anything but staying healthy and alive so we thrive again in the near future. There are a helluva lot of people working on YOUR biggest problem. And vast resources have been mobilized to protect US. That’s a good thing. Doesn’t that make you feel better? It does me!

Again: Breathe deep—in through the nose to the belly, hold one count, then blow out longer than you took in (get rid of those negatory toxins!). Great! Don’t think too hard. MOVE! Yeah, for real! Breathe, don’t think, move! And when you do think or feel, think and feel helpful thoughts, thoughts of the joys you’ve experienced in your life, loving thoughts of the people you must try hard for, right now, even if they are distant memories.

MOVE! Dale Carnegie wrote: Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. Activity and positivity dance hand-in-hand. The more active we are, the better our attitude. The less active, the worse, and the more we worry. And the Boogie-man gets huge! Don’t wish, don’t gripe, don’t spread fear; MOVE!

Activity creates: Belief, satisfaction, gratitude. Inactivity produces: Doubt, fear, envy. Activity: Confidence, energy, generosity. Inactivity: Laziness, skepticism, waste. Activity: good. Inactivity: bad. How we choose to act, and react, or not—is on us: it’s our decision to make. Nobody forces me, but me. The better choice for me, when times are bleak: Breath. Don’t think. Move. When I think and feel, I am positive and committed to my loved ones! Why? Because the Boogie-man shrinks, then disappears!

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