The Magic of Easy Early Wins!

May I give you one quick, effective way to build momentum? Get some easy early wins. Set up your day so you’re constantly winning and feeling better about yourself as your day goes on. Here’s what I mean: most of us accomplish a lot and never give ourselves credit—that self-acknowledgement which boosts our self-belief.

If I make a list at bedtime:
1. Get up at 7
2. Read Jordan Peterson for 30 minutes
3. Take shower; get dressed by 8
4. Make my next 3 things list

That’s certainly not big, scary stuff. It’s easy stuff—when accomplished—I can count as wins. By doing so, it helps me to accomplish even more, by enhancing my self-concept and expanding my capacity to “believe in me”. A simple list of 4 (that we would have probably accomplished anyway), becomes small wins which, when acknowledged as such, increase our ability to believe in what we might be capable of in the immediate future. When we list our goals to be achieved—small as they may seem—and we accomplish them and acknowledge our wins…our confidence, our self-esteem, and our belief in our ability to get more done explodes in a powerfully positive way!

When we feel great, we look to accomplish bigger and sweeter things. At days-end, we can look at what we’ve accomplished, small and large…and can be amazed by ourselves and by what we’ve gotten done. The better we feel about our accomplishments, the more we’ll put-in-and-get-out of each day. And going to sleep reflecting on your day well-lived is a damn healthy habit we can all benefit by.

So, why don’t you give it a try? See how it works for you? Begin anytime. It takes only seconds, pen-and-paper or iPad. You’ve already got the brain. Here’s how easy it is.

Let’s see, what do I want to accomplish?
1. Talk to Hartman, discuss priorities
2. Write for 1 hour
3. Research Linkedin marketing
4. Spend time w C before work
5. Drink triple-kale smoothie
6. Spend 30 minutes in my library

That took about 30 seconds to think up and write down. It’s all easy stuff that I like to do (and I need to do it, anyway!) After we do what we’ve set out to, then we simply acknowledge what we’ve done and give ourselves credit by counting our easy wins. Our self-belief is enhanced, our self-concept expanded, and our greater self-confidence allows us to tackle bigger challenges, scaling mightier walls because we climbed some small hurdles earlier.

Many of life’s greatest strategies are simple and we don’t see them, or we ignore them, and we lose greatly by not adopting an easily-available major life-enhancer. Let’s not miss the chance to make a smart bet to feel better, live happier, while achieving more. Always start by getting some easy early wins and turn your life into a habit of perpetual and larger victories!

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