The mind speaks, the body listens!

We live inside-out. It starts inside, with how we feel about ourselves, how we see ourselves, how we talk to ourselves. These internal thoughts and feelings determine how we act, what we choose, who we are. It starts inside of us, then manifests itself in our external behavior.

How we interpret the events around us, how we react to others’ opinions, how we choose to behave— makes us who we become, for better or worse. A life event, our current circumstance, another’s opinion of us, and our knee-jerk reaction, doesn’t have to be our truth. We can accept it as truth and let it define us or we can look at what it truly is…an event, someone’s opinion, our current condition. We can then choose how we’ll react.

What we think about, what we focus on, who we believe we are—we become. The acronym from the early days of computing: GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) applies here as well. The mind speaks, the body listens; the mind leads, the body follows. We choose what we will do. We choose how we will act. We decide who we shall become. We live inside-out.

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