This Little Thing Is Huge!

It’s easy to overlook the little things, like acknowledging someone else’s contribution. But is it really a little thing to ignore them? It seems too often it’s what can make or break a relationship. It’s dangerous to not acknowledge others: their ideas, their contributions, them. A smile and “thank you” is mostly all you need. It’s simple, direct, and sincere. Too often we forget these common courtesies or, worse, we ignore them.

Nothing huge, until we do forget or ignore! That’s when those who’ve been shunned will make a mountain out of something we saw as a mole-hill. It’s happened to us all: You and your co-workers are discussing the project. You have a brilliant idea; you’re proud of it, you share it. You expect recognition, maybe even praise.

She barely waits for you to stop; she starts talking about what she’s been thinking, without a nod to you or your idea. Uh-oh! We all have a tendency to do it. In the excitement, we forget; worse, we ignore the basic needs of the other. We all need to be accepted. We all want to be appreciated. We all love to be recognized.

Acknowledging others is critical. They know they’ve been heard, afforded proper respect, recognized, appreciated, included. The little things are easy to do…and easy not to do. Let’s work hard to do a better job of acknowledging others. All it takes is a little effort, a little attention, a little courtesy. Acknowledging others is a powerful skill to have and it’s most powerful when we use it. Let’s do that little thing better! Because, in the final evaluation, this little thing is huge!

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