Want More Sales?

I told a client this week: Most salespeople fail because, one, they’re told to do it the wrong way, or, two, they’re allowed to do it wrong. Even though every company lives on its revenues and, therefore, every one’s a sales company, many don’t acknowledge it.

No, I’m an IT provider. No, I’m an advertising agency. No, I’m a financial planner. Whoa, Nelly! You gotta sell someone something first. Your company lives—or dies—on sales and the revenue it generates. If your sales force isn’t performing, you’d better change who you measure, what you measure, and how you measure!

If we get enough decisions in our favor we win in sales, and if we don’t, we lose. I track sales decisions and guarantee my numbers. How? With my Resolution List. Resolution equals decision, which means the project is resolved, decided. It’s either yes or no. Decisions are made on recommendations, proposals. If salespeople make enough proposals, they’ll get enough resolutions. If they get enough resolutions, they’ll make enough sales. If you can measure it, you can manage it.

What do most salespeople want to talk about?—the stories, the possibilities, the BS, how wonderful everything will work out in our favor. Bullpuckey! I tell my salesforce: I don’t want to hear about it…’til it’s on the Resolution List. Get the accurate feedback you need—the Resolution List won’t lie, it cuts through all the BS.

Want more sales? Track resolutions!

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