Want To Improve Your Sales Results?

Owners and sales leaders ask: What can we do differently to help our sales teams improve? My answer: Do more planning, strategizing, and preparing and do it differently than most. Why? It’s tougher and tougher to get to the decider. There’s more competition fighting for limited budgets. It’s no longer just a “numbers game” where you study your ratios and multiply by the number of sales people. It’s science…and art.

When you do get in, you must make the most of it. If we have fewer appointments, fewer conference calls, fewer contacts with the deciders, we’ve got to optimize what we accomplish with each one. (Gotta jack up the quality when you can’t rely merely on quantity!)

Pre-call planning is essential for these most important events. And not just thinking about it and talking about it—but writing it down, reviewing it with your team. Anticipating and strategizing, while being prepared for surprises. Knowing what you’re going to do; doing it; then analyzing the results.

The face-to-face or ear-to-ear with a prospect or client is invaluable. Don’t wing it. Plan. Execute. Achieve. That’s what to do differently.

P.S. And to all you salespeople who tell me: “Once I’m in, I’m unbeatable.” My response is—Are you blowing away your income goals? No? Then pre-call plan better. You can tell how good a salesperson is by how much money they make and how much guff they don’t have to take!

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