What Are Your Core Values?

Our values inform our decisions; they create our vision, shape our goals. Our values establish our beliefs and make us who we become.

What are your 5 most important values?

The first time I wrote my answers—over 20 years ago—was the last:

1. The health, happiness, and peace of mind of my loved ones: Christina, Joshua, Justin, me.

2. My freedom and my country.

3. My higher power—the universal over-soul, the way I see GOD—absolute beauty, love, and justice.

4. Integrity—doing what I say I’ll do, when I said I would, to a higher standard than is normal (think my Mom and George Washington).

5. Doing what I love to do, abundantly, with those I like, trust, and appreciate.

As a young salesman, I watched training films with Earl Nightingale and Vince Lombardi. They taught: “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” I was ambitious and trainable. I sought out coaches, educators, authors, sales experts, and thinkers, who could teach me how to succeed. And not just at work, but in life. They helped me learn more, grow faster, and achieve better results. I won’t ignore my obligation: the way to repay them is for me to do the same thing they did for me for others.

What are your core values? Are they written down? Are you living them? Are you proud to be who you are?

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